Thursday, January 14, 2010


In October I mentioned that I had sent off The Ghost of Ping-Ling to a publisher, Omnibus Books, here in Adelaide.

Last week, the publisher rang to say that she had just finished reading the manuscript, had really enjoyed it, and wanted to ask me a lot of questions about it (which she did). She then asked if I would make some changes and resubmit, so the manuscript can go to the next stage of the submission process.

This is, of course, not an offer to publish. It's quite possible (maybe even likely) that at the end of this process nothing will happen. But even if that's the case, to have been noticed in the slush-pile is a wonderful encouragement, especially as I had been fully convinced I would get nothing more than a rejection letter.

So, I now get to dust off GPL and get my teeth into some more editing. I also have to write a synopsis of the remaining four books in the series, and draw a map.

In the meantime, if anyone can tell me how to add about 10 more hours to the day, I'd be really grateful...


  1. Congratulations! One more step along. It's got to be nice to see the hard work pay off. I hope it goes well for you the rest of the way.

  2. Congratulations, Peter! That's absolutely wonderful! Most people never make it to this phase of the process. I hope everything goes well for you.

  3. Fantastic news!! As for those extra hours, other than lots of time flying over the date line... :)))

  4. Hah, I didn't even know you *had* a "remaining four books in the series," Peter!

    Congratulations on the call, and here's hoping someone comes out of their edit requests!

    I'd have to hire someone to draw a map of my world. Unlike my characters, I didn't have any cartography training as a kid. ;)

  5. Thanks Anna!

    Lindsay, I'm hopeless with maps too, but the publisher said it doesn't matter how rough so I think I'll be OK :-)

  6. Peter, congrats. I really enjoyed the characters and loved the story. All the best.

  7. Thanks Ladonna - and for the helpful comments you gave when it was on OWW. It's certainly all the better for it!