Thursday, June 12, 2014

Time for a Jolly Good Moan.

Goodreads have this great idea where authors can list their books as free giveaways and people can vie to get copies. The idea is that authors submit their books in the hope they might raise awareness of their work and also garner a few more reviews than they might otherwise get. I've been involved in two giveaways now, one for Jeweller and one for Ghost of Ping-Ling. In both cases I sent out three copies of the books to various locations around Australia and New Zealand. For the mathematically inclined, that's six books.

Alas, my efforts have only garnered a grand total of one review, which is disappointing because Goodreads stipulates that by entering one of these giveaways you agree to write a review. We authors might be a generous lot but the reason we're willing to pay to send out books all over the place is not simply to give people something to read on a wet afternoon. We want reviews! We want feedback!

And yes, even bad feedback will do. Weird as this might sound, and I think I probably speak for most writers when I say this: our nightmare is not having people read our books and hate them. Our nightmare is having nobody read them at all. That's why we happily send out free copies of our books.  

So if you happen to be reading this and you were one of the beneficiaries of my giveaways, please, please, please take the time to read what you were sent, and even if you don't want to write an actual review you can at least give a star rating. I would really appreciate it. And no, I'm not trying to make you feel guilty. Actually, I am trying to make you feel guilty! Very, very guilty. I fear the only thing you can do to assuage such terrible guilt is scurry off and get reading and reviewing. Immediately!

And if you're reading this and you weren't the recipient of one of the giveaways, maybe you should have been! That's not to say you can't still do me a huge favour and give me a review. You can sign up on and do the deed. Go on, it'll make all of us feel good.