Saturday, July 12, 2014


This is the week every year when my wife and sons go away with the inlaws and I have the house to myself. As has been the case for the last few years, this means some dedicated writing time, and today didn't disappoint. I've been beavering away at the latest draft of Shamblers for the past six months, and for a while there I was hooting along and it looked like I'd be ready for submission in no time at all. Then I hit a wall and for the past few weeks I haven't been able to get myself back into it again. Thankfully today I knocked off two chapters and that takes me to the half way point of the book. Tomorrow I'm hoping to do another and at least four or five more before the family comes back on Friday.

Part of the reason I've been a bit slack the past few weeks is I've been reading Lian Hearn's Tales of the Otori Book 0 (yes, it's the prequel), Heaven's Net is Wide. I actually bought the book years ago for half price when Border's closed, but something about its sheer size and the fact it was in the literature section put me off trying it out until now. And I have to say, in the words of the young folk of today, it's simply awesome. Easy to read, difficult to put down, beautifully written all the way through. After a few duds on my reading list lately it's great to find that unexpected gem, even if it has seriously dented my writing time. At least I have a little extra time this week to catch up.