Monday, December 15, 2014


So we sold our house a few weeks back, which means we're now able to buy the one we had a contract on. We'll be moving in January just after the holiday madness. The house we're moving to was built in 1870 and used to be the local school-house. It has no mains water, no mains gas, no air-conditioning and no electrical heating. We're relying on rainwater tanks and log fires. That's it.

Yes, that's a little scary, if the truth be known. In some ways it's like stepping back a hundred years. Our current house has ducted reverse cycle airconditioning and gas appliances and the whole shebang. What it doesn't have is a view from the backyard like this.

That's what I see when I step out of my new office. Which means when I get bored with editing or stuck on an idea for a new story, I can just waltz on out and breathe the air. Which makes any potential hassle more than worthwhile.

And anyway, I like the thought of having a bit of separation from the utilities we've depended on for so long. There's something freeing about knowing your water supply comes directly from the sky, rather than through some sort of mysterious treatment works and several kilometers of underground piping. And if it means we have to learn to manage it better, that's a good thing. Not to mention the cost savings, made even better by the fact there's a 3.8KW solar system on the shed roof.

It should be an exciting time! Now we just have to move. It's amazing how much stuff you pick up when you've been in once place for 15 years.