Friday, July 8, 2011


Yesterday I started the edits for the Ghost of Ping-Ling. Prior to getting the manuscript back I was a bit worried about how much work I'd have to do , but in the end it's turned out to be quite reasonable (lots of misused commas -- I still think commas are one of life's greatest mysteries). I even got to write "stet" yesterday -- in green pen. Talk about the giddy heights!

At the same time I'm finishing off editing Mapmaker's Apprentice. I have to say, writing this book has been really, really hard. For some reason it's been extremely difficult to get the finer points of the plot ironed out, and some of the characters have changed two or three times and I'm still not quite sure I'm happy with the result. I've ended up having to ask for an extra month on the deadline so I can (hopefully) get it right.

(I should mention that three of my crit partners have read the manuscript now, and all were overwhelmingly positive (two of them said they enjoyed it more than GPL). That was desperately needed encouragement, but I can still see improvements that I want to make. I hope I'm not being overly picky.)

By a stroke of luck I'm about to finish up at my current work and start a new job, and I have 3 weeks off before I do. A large part of that time will have to go into editing, but having that time takes the pressure off enormously.

Then I have to start thinking about book 3!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


It's been a very dry year as far as story acceptances go. I've managed to get a few things on shortlists and so on but nothing has made it through to acceptance. Then this morning I woke up to news that my short-story "Dead on the Doorstep" has been accepted by Kaleidotrope for publication some time next year.

This will be my first non-Australian sale, so I'm extra happy about it. For those with long memories, it's the story that I originally wrote for After the Rain but ran out of time to finish before the submissions closed. I'm glad it found a good home!

I should also point out that this will be my second comic Zombie piece to be published. Perhaps I've found my niche?

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I have an interview (my first ever, yay!) in the latest newsletter for the Online Writing Workshop. You can check it out by going here and clicking the "current newsletter" link on the left hand side.

It's a lot more wordy than I thought it was when I sent it off. Hopefully there's something helpful and/or encouraging amongst it all!