Sunday, March 7, 2010

Delighted to Report...

Our gorgeous little son, James, came into the world on Friday, weighing in at a solid 7.6 pounds. Mum and bubs (and dad) doing great. Probably not much blog action happening between nappy changes for next few weeks, but I hope to look in soon.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Can't Believe, After All This Time We're Through..

At least for now.

Tomorrow morning I'll be printing out the latest draft of GPL and trotting over to my second home - the office of Australia Post. It's been a huge slog, but I'm glad I managed to get it done within two months of the publisher asking for the edits.

It wasn't just fixing up the story. It was drawing two maps, writing the synopses (albeit brief) of four more books, completing the first draft of Weight of Souls, writing the synopsis of that one too, and eating. I did remember that last bit. Somebody told me that would be important.

So here I am again, in my waiting mode. I have all sorts of goals for what I'd like to do over the next few months, but I think I'll just sit back and enjoy my beautiful and soon-to-be expanding family. And I might try and fit in some blog posts too.