Saturday, January 23, 2010


I had some great news this evening - the Hobbit Query Letter is going to be published in the October edition of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.

I do feel a tad like one of those 80's rock bands still living off that one song, but overall I'm chuffed to finally be able to lay claim to a publishing credit.

It's a great magazine. Even without my article in it I'd have no hesitation in encouraging people to check it out!


  1. Hi Peter- good work! And great news on TGPL. I hope your edits go well, and you know...that you get published, make it big, and bring along all your friends who ever critted you, ever, and with your enormous clout as a bestselling author, persuade your editor to read something you're sure they'll love. HAHA. Glad to see your good news.

  2. hey congrats, that's great news!

  3. Congratulations! Love that piece.

  4. Congrats! Did your short story submission help get the letter noticed? I do wonder if editors actually remember you (in a good way) even if they reject your stories. ;)

  5. Thanks all!

    Kelly - I've already picked out a castle next-door to JK Rowling, though it's a bit bigger than hers. I'll be certain to invite you all to the huge castle-warming party :-)

    Lindsay - the ASIM submission process is anonymous, so they wouldn't know I had submitted previously (so the website says).

  6. Congratulations, Peter! You take those publishing credits anyway you can get them at first. That was an excellent letter; let it put you on the map.


  7. Thanks Anna and Teresa!

    Teresa, you're absolutely right about being grateful for any publishing credit that comes along, and I certainly am. To have anything published is a wonderful encouragement, especially in a magazine as good as ASIM.