Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Silence of the Blog

It has been a bit quiet here lately, mainly because I've been frantically trying to edit and finish the Ghost of Ping-Ling.

It's finally done! This morning, I padded down to my local post-office and handed the manuscript to a rather bored looking man behind the counter. Then I walked out and stood blinking up at a great ball of fire in the sky. They say it's called "the Sun".

To commemorate the Great Posting, I even took some photos (OK, they're not the actual posting "event", but close enough).

Those with extremely good eyesight will pick up that it is heading to Omnibus Books, a division of Scholastic here in Oz. Likely to be its first destination of many.

How do I feel? A very strange mix of emotions. Partly relieved and glad to have passed such a milestone and to be able to get into a new project. Partly as deflated as a balloon from last Saturday's party. And partly panicky that I might have got all my pages mixed up, one of my sons might have stuck something nasty in the envelope when my back was turned, or maybe if I'd only spent a few more weeks brushing up on this and that I'd have given myself a much better chance of getting it published.

Either way, that's it. The Ghost of Ping-Ling is off to fend for himself. God speed, young Dillen, fare you well.

As I was cleaning up some of my paperwork, I realised what a monumental undertaking writing a book can be (as if I needed a reminder). This inspired me to take another photo.

This shot contains two laptops, seven drafts, two notebooks, a bunch of reference books, and some rough working notes. It doesn't contain hard copies of the hundred or so drafts and attempts I never printed. It also doesn't contain several cases of red wine.

Did someone say red wine? I'm outta here.


  1. Congratulations Peter! Enjoy that red wine. May it make someone's heart at Omnibus sing!

  2. thanks Jonathan, maybe I should have included one or two bottles in the parcel? I'll have to remember next time :-)

  3. Congratulations! I hope my OWW assistance is as valuable as yours has been on Demon's Bane. Relax for a while!

    I've only sent query letters and a few packets with 50 pages... no full manuscripts. And the only one I'll end up sending will be a PDF file to Lightning Source, if all goes as planned :)

  4. Congrats and well done. Hoping for great news!!

  5. Thanks Dave and Anna, I'll certainly post developments as they come.

    Dave - good luck with Demon's Bane!

  6. Congratulations, Peter! Do you know how long that outfit takes to get back to you?

    Good luck, and keep us updated!

    And start working on the next one. :)

  7. Thanks, Lindsay, and thanks again for all your valuable crits!

    According to the Omnibus website I should be allowing sixteen weeks, so maybe end of Jan early Feb. I'm hoping that's a maximum window rather than an average time. You're also not supposed to submit anywhere else while you wait. I think, whatever it's downsides, the query system has a lot going for it.

    And I'm already at chapter 5 in my next project. The Weight of Souls, coming soon to a workshop near you.....


  8. Good luck Peter. Wow. I feel like a sixteen year old whose older brother has just gotten married. You're like a real writer:) I enjoyed the chapters I was able to read and hope it happens for you.

  9. Thanks Kelly!

    We're not getting married yet. I asked her, but she told me I had to wait four months for an answer. Oh, and she wanted a SASE too.

    I'll keep you informed....