Monday, April 23, 2012

First Ever Cackling Scribe Giveaway Extraveganza

Today I had another delivery of a big box of books (BBB) and it was just as magical as it was last time. This time I don't have as many beta-readers to give copies to so I thought I'd be kind to my bookshelf by giving one away instead. For free! (Woohoo).

So, if you'd like to get your hands on a free copy of Mapmaker's Apprentice all you have to do is leave a comment under this post telling me what temperature it is in your part of the world right now (in Centigrade, if you can, otherwise I get all confused). Currently where I am it's 14 and pouring, so I'm hoping for reports of at least a few warm temperatures to make me feel cosy. This coming Sunday afternoon, Central Australian time, I'll pick a winner at random (assuming there's more than one comment) and send a copy off in your direction.

So go on, get commenting!

I'll try and send one of the few unsmudged copies.  


  1. Apparently it is 19 degrees here in Melbourne (Tues, 8 May, 10:30pm), much to our surprise. Melbourne has had some quite rewarding weather lately, and some bitter cold reminders that winter is on its way.

    I read The Ghost of Ping-Ling, and I really enjoyed it. Much of my reading occurs in the bath, so it did sustain a bit of water damage. I'm a fan of maps and China, so this book was perfect for me. It was an easy read, and I like the oni and the Brigands. I want to see if they come back, and how the story grows and ties up. I'll be keeping an eye out for the new book, it's a nice colour blue.

  2. Hi David, thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the book. I used to be an avid bath reader until I actually dropped a book (I think it was Lord of the Rings) right in. It was never the same again.

    Book 2 should be on the bookshop shelves now. I like the blue colour too! It stands out nicely :-)