Friday, April 20, 2012

On Rejection

Every so often I get reminded of how subjective the whole publishing business can be. Most recently it happened when I had a short-story knocked back for a magazine and the comments from the two readers were, respectively, "the end was too predictable" and "I didn't understand the end".

But far from being depressed by the radically different ways two people can view the same work, I see it as an encouragement. Even if your story gets knocked back, ridiculed, torn apart, shredded, mocked and spat upon by one person, it may well make someone else's day. Never let a story sit on a hard-drive because it's been rejected a dozen times. Send it out again, and again, and again. Rejection doesn't always mean your story isn't good enough to publish, or that you can't write. Maybe it just hasn't come before the right pair of eyes yet, at the right time.

Maybe next time it will.

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