Sunday, April 22, 2012

Showing Up in Public

The Children's Book Council of Australia is having its biennial National Conference in Adelaide next month, and I've been asked to chair a panel on the topic of 'Other worlds, other values?', with Eoin Colfer (of Artemis Fowl fame), Isobelle Carmody (a hugely popular Australian author whose work I haven't yet read), Sean Williams (one of my favourite authors) and D.M. Cornish (who I mention here).

It's a huge honour, though I'm alternating between moments of giddy excitement and unbridled terror. It also means I have a fair bit of reading to do between now and then in order to get familiar with Eoin's and Isobelle's (see? we're on first-name basis already) work, which will squeeze even more time out of the little thin toothpaste tube that represents the next four weeks. I'm sure I'll manage somehow. With an opportunity as incredible as this I could hardly do anything else.

So, if you're in Adelaide, or feel like coming to Adelaide, the conference details can be found here. I'm hoping to take a day off work and come for the Friday too, partly to hear the great speakers, partly to find out more about what a "chair" actually does. If you're there, please come and say hi. It would be wonderful to see you!


  1. I will be there, so I look forward to saying hello!

  2. Indeed! Looking forward to meeting you too.