Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A History of the World's Most Unsuccessful Competitions

So, perhaps we'll say no more about that then...

However, should anyone anywhere still fancy a free copy of Mapmaker's Apprentice, I'll send it to the first person to put a comment under this post. Any kind of comment will do: what you ate for dinner; some poetry you wrote as a child; your opinion of the effectiveness of garlic for the treatment of gout; even a blank space or a blob of text generated by randomly thumping the keys. Whatever you want to post, please do it, and if you're the first I will send you your very own free copy of Mapmaker's Apprentice. Yours. For Free.

*UPDATE* Competition closed! Well done Jonathan D, winner of a brand new signed copy of The Mapmaker's Apprentice.


  1. So it's not too late? It's 0830 here in sunny Sydney and I'm looking out of my window seat to see a gorgeous blue sky, current temperature 16 degrees. Perfect for curling up on a rug in a park and reading my free copy of Mapmaker's Apprentice! Love LJ OX

  2. *sighs with relief*

    Jonathan, you are a winner! If you want to fire me off an email with your postal address I'll get a copy of the MMA straight in the post, coming your direction.

    LJ, minutes too late! But at least you have a warm Sydney day to console you ;-)

  3. Thanks Peter! I'll drop you a line shortly.