Saturday, May 12, 2012

Quite Frankly, I'm Stressed.

I could probably say "stretched" instead of "stressed" but I think both words express the same thing accurately enough. At work I've been given a new task and it's not something I've done before (programming code to talk to a PLC through a serial port, if you want the gory details), and no matter how much time I spend banging my head on the desk I'm not making very good progress. Then on the writing front I have just over six months to complete book 3 of Tales of the Blue Jade and I'm getting a bit scared looking at how many words I have to complete in a week vs. how many words I'm actually achieving. Then I have preparation for chairing a panel next week, something I've never done before and something which involves trying to string coherent words together in front of many hundreds of people. Preferably without fainting.

I'm not complaining, I should say. If you'd told me a few years back I'd have these problems I would have been overjoyed. It's just I want to make sure I do the best I possibly can, and that means trying to fit intense activity into every waking moment, in between all the usual family and lifestyle things. Thankfully things should start to ease off next week when the conference is finished and my current task at work is done, then it's just writing book 3 that I have to stress over.

I should also say, not all the work I've had to do over the last few weeks has been stressful. One good thing that's come out of it is I've had the chance to read Artemis Fowl for the first time. It's a gem. If you want a book that's hilarious and original and fast-paced, do yourself a favour and grab a copy. And if you want to meet the author, I have it on good authority he'll be on a panel this next Saturday here in sunny Adelaide.


  1. Hang in there, Peter. In 6 months, you'll be through it and punching the air.

  2. Thanks Pete. Hopefully it should only be a couple of weeks before things settle down to something like a normal routine.