Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Word Spreads

The people at my work are now gradually discovering that I write in my spare time and that I have a book published. I can't imagine how they've found out -- perhaps it's the copies of the book I've left lying all around the office, or my Ghost of Ping-Ling flashing screensaver, or my "Oh my god I'm now a published author!" t-shirts I had made up and wear most days. Anyway, however it's happened, the word is out there.

A few people have come up and asked me about it and we've had great conversations about the book and writing in general. I think people still find it unusual that an engineer can write a coherent sentence, but I also think people are genuinely fascinated by the whole 'publishing' thing. Quite a few assume that I'm now (or will soon be) very wealthy, which always puts a smile on my face. I reassure them that they're not likely to lose me as a colleague any time soon.

My manager has told me a few times now that he used to write but hasn't done so for years. I can relate to that, seeing as I went nearly a decade without writing more than a few scattered bits and pieces. It would be nice to think hearing about my book encourages him to get back into it again.

One unexpected benefit of talking about the book (and specifically the map artwork) is that one of the graphic artists has introduced me to Photoshop and given me some tutorials on how to produce old maps. While I don't think I could ever completely go away from paper and pen I would definitely love to add some textures and play around with different text styles and so on. Alas I won't be able to do that for Tales of the Blue Jade because the maps all need to look consistent, but it's definitely something to put in my arsenal for future reference.


  1. I think your maps are fine. I haven't read your book yet, put it is close to the top of my pile. I like reading your blog, and how excited your are. I found your book at the Scholastic warehouse sale.

  2. Hi David. I'm happy with the maps too, but it would be intereresting to see other possibilities. I hope you enjoy the book! Thanks for stopping by.