Friday, March 20, 2009

Still Wading

That quicksand is pretty wide...

I'm slowly getting a clearer picture of what I want to do with the book, but it really is a bit like pulling teeth.

In the meantime, for anyone interested, here is a photo of a drawing I did of Hallegat in 1986. The drawing is on the wall of what was then the Wargamer's Club rooms in Woomera - currently being demolished (thankyou Heather Cleland, and thankyou Facebook).

The (partly obscured) dwarf in the drawing is Gusgad, who appeared in Green Gem but by the time Ghost came around had wandered off. I'm desperately hoping he'll come back some day soon.


  1. Found you whilst trolling through blogs - I too, am a frustrated and would be author, I am on my tenth(ish) revision of "the book". Science Fantasty strangely enough. I shall henceforth follow your blog with interest
    mystic mog

  2. Hi Mog - thankyou for your comment! Frustration is the name of the game I fear...

    Thanks for your comment too gooood girl (may have missed an o there somewhere). I took a look but women's fashion isn't a forte of mine - I have enough trouble with the male version.