Monday, March 16, 2009

Quicksand Ahead

Well, I think at the time I wrote my last entry I was full of optimism that it wouldn't be too difficult to make necessary changes to the manuscript.

It didn't take long for my optimism to fall into a great dark hole.

I tried the idea about Hallegat stealing the map - but somehow it didn't quite work for me. At the time I thought it would, but it felt like one of those dud fireworks that goes fizz instead of bang. So I tried a few other things, and similarly they weren't quite right. So now I'm thinking about putting the whole thing on the shelf for a few months and working on something else - to give me a clearer mind when I come back to it again.

There's plenty of other stuff boiling away in my mind, enough to keep me reasonably occupied until then. Although there's still hope that tomorrow I'll have a eureka moment and things will fall into place.

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