Monday, January 23, 2012

I've Got a Big Box of Books.

Nearly 2 and a half years ago I sent this off to Scholastic. (You can read more choice details about the event here).

Today they sent this back.

In anyone's language that's a heck of a good deal.

And if you live in Australia or New Zealand, I'm reliably informed the book should be in stores in the next few days. If you don't live in Australia or New Zealand, and you have an insatiable burning overwhelming desire to own the book (bless you), it's available to order online from many places (Google should guide your path).

It's very hard to describe how this moment feels. Perhaps I'll contemplate it further over a celebratory glass of wine.


  1. If your ears were burning tonight it's because Sonny and I were talking about you and your fantastic achievment. It must be wonderful to see your dream become a reality. I'll certainly be buying a copy for myself and a few more as gifts.

  2. Well done Peter.

    Hmm, does this mean you'll have to change the tagline on your blog header, dropping the word "Would-Be"?

  3. Thanks Lachlan. It certainly is wonderful, if a little surreal. I think walking into a bookshop and actually seeing it on the shelf will be the ultimate trip somehow!

    Pete, thank you. Someone else mentioned about the tagline but it's been there so long now I'm kind of attached to it. I'll probably redesign the whole blog when I get a few seconds and then the change may well have to be made.

  4. Congratulations Peter! It's been quite the journey, I'm sure, getting to this day. Looking forward to seeing the book on Amazon, etc., and maybe someday in US bookstores!

  5. Thanks Liz, I really hope it does make it over there! There's a chance I might know something about that in March when the rights people take it to the Bologna Children's book fair. Watch this space.