Sunday, January 1, 2012

Four Weeks to Go ...

... until publication date, and I have to say I'm starting to get excited. One of my daily rituals now is googling the book and the series, and seeing if anything else has come up (I have google alerts set, but they don't seem to work for me for some reason). So far it's mostly book shops advertising it as a pre-release title, and most of these seem to be in New Zealand for some reason. It still sends my heart into a flutter when I see it there. A real book with my name on the front -- who would have thought it?

A few people have asked me if I'll be having a launch. Originally I had been planning on it, but this last month or so my enthusiasm for the idea has waned. I think it was because my publisher wasn't all that keen on the idea -- something about the current climate of doom and gloom in the book-world -- and I'm not sure I can face the task of organising the whole thing myself. Perhaps I'll change my mind and hold something in late Feb, early March when I know for sure the books will be in stores. Watch this space.

I've also been giving a bit of thought to the whole publicity thing, ie. what, if anything, I can do to give the book a bit of a lift in the book-stores. I've considered following Duncan Lay's lead and doing spruiking sessions in various places, but I'm not entirely sure it will work as well for a YA/children's book. School visits might be more appropriate, so I think in the next while I'll start prodding the publisher to think about organising a few of those. Yes -- the idea of standing up in front of more than a hundred fidgety 8 year olds and trying to say something that will grab their attention terrifies me senseless, but it's probably something I should get used to.

Perhaps I could borrow a friend's (blunted) Samurai sword and give a demonstration of my prowess with the ancient art of the blade? At least it will give them a laugh.

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