Friday, October 15, 2010

Herbert Hits the Bright Lights

Here's the cover for the latest issue of ASIM, the one featuring the Hobbit Query Letter. I have to say, it feels strange to see my name on the cover of an actual published work. Bizarre is the word I'd use, like how I'd feel if I saw my name on a banner being dragged from the back of a bi-plane. But absolutely wonderful too. Particular thanks to Juliet Bathory for bringing it all together (oh, and picking the story too).

The issue isn't actually out yet, but it should only be a week or so if you feel like picking it up!

I have to say too, that is one seriously awesome cover....


  1. Congratulations, Peter! May your bizarre and surreal moments as an author multiply over and over. I'm very happy for you. ;-)

  2. thanks Teresa! And most certainly likewise.

  3. Congrats Peter - Yes, pretty cool to see your name on the cover, but we know it's the first of many!

  4. thankyou Liz! I have to confess I've lost count of how many times I've looked at that cover. It hasn't gotten any less surreal yet.