Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Vision Most Clear

Today, I submitted my first ever short story for publication. I sent it to a rather cool looking online magazine called Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. They have a delightfully transparent submissions process, where the author is kept up to date as to where their story is in the slush pile. They identify three stages: Stage 1 means submission received, stage 2 means it's at the second reader, and stage 3 means it's been judged as good enough for the magazine, but needs and editor to pick it up. When you send your sub, you get a tracking number, and the number and stage are kept up to date on a website. How good is that!

The story is called A Vision Most Clear. It's slightly different, perhaps a bit quirky, but I like it. Will they like it too? I'll keep you posted!

And, as the great poet said, if you never give it a go, you'll never ever know.


  1. Congrats, Peter. I hope your story gets picked up and I get to read it. It's a good feeling to get it out there, no?

  2. Thanks, Jonathan. It certainly is fun! and good to think I (hopefully) won't be waiting four months to hear something.

  3. An update: I just subscribed to a single pdf edition so I could check out the kind of stuff that gets published. I'm not sure it's helped my confidence, the stories are dazzlingly good. But hey, you have to try.

  4. Good luck, Peter! I subscribed to their magazine the last time I was pretending to be a writer. I loves me some humor. :)

    I sent them a story and made it to their final stage, but it didn't quite make it in the end. I hope you have better luck!

    P.S. I saw you have a new story up, but I'm leaving for Mexico in the morning so probably won't get a chance to review it tonight. If it's still up when I get back, I'll take a peek!