Monday, November 30, 2009

Who the Hell is Willard Price?

Contestitis Chronicus has struck again. This time, the aim is to write some kind of tribute to an author who postively/negatively influenced our desire to become writers. The first (actually the second) name that came to mind was the late and great Willard Price, whose books I used to devour in my early teenage years. Here is my off-the-cuff attempt at (what is probably extremely bad) poetry.

Lots of fun to write. If you feel the urge to give me any helpful comments, please do so! I don't need to submit this until mid December.

While working b'ind the counter of my local Borders store,
A customer of youthful age approached me to implore,
That I should share my wisdom on which new book he might buy,
Ideally, without vampires, ghosts, or broomsticks in the sky.

Delightedly, I gave a grin and bid him walk this way,
Towards the tiny scrap of paranormal-free YA,
And reaching for the titles, I drew out something nice,
A ripping-yarn adventure tale, by author, Willard Price.

He screwed his stud-pierced nose at me, and stared like I was mad,
Then uttered words that stung me, worse than any slap I'd had,
“Who the hell is Willard Price?” he gave a mocking cry,
And I fought hard, against the urge, to poke him in the eye.

“You’ve never heard of Willard Price?” I kept my tone polite,
“It’s gripping, thrilling, heads above this modern YA shite,
Willard takes you places so exotic, far away,
'Twas he who made me want to write, and so I do, this day”.

“Well good for you,” the youth looked bored, his heart no longer in it,
“I write too, I text at nearly 50 words per minute.
But maybe I should simply listen, to my friends' harangues,
And buy that new release about the fairy with the fangs.”

And as he left, I sadly slipped the book back in its place,
There to wait for someone new, to set their heart to race,
Who the hell is Willard Price? The modern youngsters say,
But they don’t write them, like they used to, back in Willard’s day.


  1. "...what is probably extremely bad..."

    Bad or not, it was extremely entertaining to read - thanks :-).

    I also am someone who remembers those books with great fondness.

  2. Thankyou anon,

    They are fantastic aren't they? While the poem was definitely tongue in cheek, I still think there's nothing quite like the Adventure Series around at the moment. I'm really looking forward to introducing them to my sons when they're a bit older.

    thanks for stopping by!