Sunday, December 13, 2009

'Twas One of Those Evenings....

The weekend started off well. The weather was great, and I managed to get stuck into painting our new room in preparation for child number 3 due early next year. Then, at 6ish, I got a phone call from a friend asking why we hadn't arrived at their house for dinner yet. I insisted, in a definite tone, that she was mistaken, and it was scheduled for next Saturday. Alas, the evidence was there in the pixels of an email (which I obviously hadn't read very clearly), and I had no choice but to admit that I am, in fact, a bit of a dunce.

Then, just before bed, I checked my email in case there were any other social events I had forgotten. No social events, just one from ASIM, telling me my short story sub (which I wrote about last post) failed at the first stage. Apparently the reader didn't like the ending. Bugger.

Nobody should receive a rejection email on a Saturday night. It should be banned by law. There should be a narrow window of time established, say between 8.13 and 8.15 Monday morning, when rejection emails are allowed to be sent. Outside of that, you send one, you get a hefty fine. Maybe even thumb-screws.

So, there you go. No wonderful catch up with friends, no story in ASIM. Thankfully, I'm happy to report I got the room painted. At least the ceiling. Walls are due next week.


  1. So sorry about that bit of bad news, but many congrats on the coming baby!

    And yes, I completely agree. Rejections on a Saturday night are most cruel!! Maybe we can nail those folks with a paintbrush or wallpaper strip, right down the middle of their foreheads!

  2. Thanks Anna!

    I like that idea, it means when people see someone walking down the street with wallpaper stuck to their head, they can nudge each other and say "hmmph, there goes someone who sent a rejection on a Saturday night."

    That'll stop 'em!