Thursday, May 7, 2009

Endeavour Runs Aground ..... Again.

In an earlier post I excitedly reported I had signed up for a voyage aboard the Endeavour Replica - following in the steps of my hero, the great Jimmy Cook. Alas, yesterday I received a letter to say that all voyages for the year have been cancelled. It would appear the economic situation has reduced the number of keen sailors to a trickle - and I'll have to put my dreams of following Cook on hold for at least another year.

There is light at the end of the shipwreck. The trip was to be my 40th birthday present - and now that the (hefty) deposit is coming back to me, I had the opportunity to choose something else. So .... I thought long and hard (for about thirty seconds) and decided to get a laptop. Some of the keys on my last one are so worn the letters are almost gone - and it has more food in it than our fridge. Definitely time for a replacement.

So, last night I trundled along to the local Officeworks and picked up a Dell, which happens to be four times as powerful as our current desktop, has a new version of Word, and has Vista - which I notice has all kinds of new funky error messages when it crashes. Progress.

It's not as good as the sea breeze in your face, but at least I'll be a bit more portable with my writing.

I foresee it will get good use.

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