Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Wait Goes On

By my reckoning the wait for my infamous assessor's report will hit 5 weeks tomorrow (sometimes I work it out from postage date, other times from when they told me they had it in their hands - tomorrow will be 5 weeks since postage date).

I have to say, I'm finding this wait difficult and frustrating (or had I already let that slip?). I read an author's blog recently where she said the only way of dealing with these situations is to send the manuscript off and totally forget about it - put its very existence out of your mind, go about your life as though writing it was just a dream brought on by eating too much camembert. I would be really interested to know if she actually manages to achieve that - from what she said it would seem so. Perhaps I'm just not the sort of person who 'waits' very well.

My evenings at the moment consist of walking through the door, casting a furtive glance at the kitchen bench (no parcel there), giving the boys a kiss, giving Pip a kiss, walking to computer room, glancing into bedroom (no parcel there), scanning computer room (no parcel there). Then heading back to the kitchen and in my best casual 'I really couldn't care less' voice saying 'Any mail today?'. 'Yes.' replies Pip, and my heart leaps. 'There's a bill from Origin, I think it might be one of those red ones.'

Then I have to fight off that sinking feeling as I realise today is not the day. Again.

But there is good news. I'm over my temptation to do an early pitch to Random House, and the itch in my index finger (the one I use to hit 'send' on gmail) has subsided. It was a near thing there - I had an email sitting in my outbox with a fully formatted query letter, synopsis, text extract, even addressed - all I had to do was hit the key and it was there. But I've waited so long now and it must be very close, so I know I would be a total idiot to pitch now without reading the assessor's comments.

*sigh*, I should go to bed. Tomorrow could be the day - I'd hate to read the report with bleary eyes.

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