Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bury Me in Moleskine

They say if you can't shake your addictions, share them. That seems to be the maxim of a particular friend of mine who introduced me to his own unique vice – moleskine notebooks. When he first started telling me about these, and enthusiastically showing me photos on the internet, I smiled and nodded and looked for un-swallowed pills lying on his desk. But when he handed me one and I opened it, I was hooked, and things have never quite been the same.

So what is a moleskine notebook?. I'm hesitant to describe them, in case the magic dissipates like a blown up balloon that's been let go. But I'll give it my best shot. A moleskine notebook is a notebook (no surprises there) with a soft leather-like cover and pages that have an evocative sense of age about them. You hold one of these notebooks in your hand and they whisper to you. They tell you that they wait for you to write things of great genius and profundity on their beautiful soft pages. Perhaps that's why Picasso and Hemmingway used them.

Of course such perfection comes with a price. A $A30 price, to be exact. But once you use one you can never go back, whatever the cost.

And now I'm hooked. Oh, so wonderfully hooked.

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