Thursday, February 19, 2009

Endeavour Calls (or does it Bark?)

About two years ago, in the firm grip of some kind of early mid-life crisis, I sent an email to the maritime museum asking about future opportunities to spend time aboard HMB Endeavour. Pip and I had visited this outstanding replica when it docked here in Adelaide years ago, but I didn't go aboard (get this, because it cost all of FIFTEEN DOLLARS, and I didn't want to pay - and me without a drop of scots blood). I regretted it immediately. Afterwards I did some research and found out people can sign aboard for short stints, so I thought I would fire off an email and see what came of it.

Having sent the email and received some sort of blah acknowledgement, I totally forgot about it. Then this morning the postie delivered a letter from the museum telling me there are berths (see, I even know all the proper navy wordy stuff) aboard for trips up the east coast later in the year.

I'm going! I have to go! Tonight I'll speak to Pip but I'm sure she wont mind. To say I'm a Captain Cook nut is an understatement, and the chance of spending some time aboard the replica, following his course up the east coast is something I don't want to miss out on for anything.

So, Endeavour here I come! Watch this space!

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