Monday, November 17, 2014

New Ground

I had the opportunity to give my first ever author talk a little while ago at Prince Alfred College. The audience was a group of about forty Year Twos plus teachers. I've been wanting to do school visits for a while now but holding down a full time "normal" job makes it a tad difficult. Fortunately this particular school is only fifteen minutes' walk from my work so I managed to squeeze the talk into the beginning of the day then power-walk to the office in time for morning tea.

Yep, I was pretty nervous preparing. I've always been in awe of people who can speak to kids that age and hold their attention, so having to step up to the plate and do it myself was something of a challenge. I tried to make it as visual as I could by projecting lots of pictures on a big screen to illustrate my points. I also brought in lots of props, namely a big box full of all my drafts for Ping-Ling plus some notebook and such. 

And I have to say it went great! The kids had been working on their own stories in class and discussing things like the editing process and how to plot, so what I had to say fitted in pretty well with what they'd already been looking at. They asked fabulous questions too, although a couple did ask me when I was going to organise to get their books published. Slightly awkward.

All in all it was great, and it reaffirmed how much I'd love to do that kind of thing more often. If only the day job didn't keep getting in the way.

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