Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On a Whim...

I did a google search tonight on "Ghost of Ping-Ling". I usually get this blog, plus a very interesting account of paranormal activity at a school in Nevada (why did he choose to take up residence in that school?).

Tonight I got this. It's an entry in the National Library of Australia Catalogue. Yes, it probably seems trivial, but it made my whole evening. It's real! It really is really real1.

If I carry on like this over an entry in the catalogue of the National Library, what's going to happen when I see a cover? How will I react when I have a *gasp* ARC in my hand? What about the real published item?

After the last few days, it's wonderful to be reminded of something so unbelievably good.

1In a very real and tangible kind of way.


  1. Haha, I'd be excited too. You're going to be Googling your own book every day once it comes out, because you wouldn't want to miss someone reviewing it or mentioning it on a blog. I think it's normal. Probably. Maybe. Hmm. ;)

    Too funny that there was actually an entry out there for those words.

  2. Hi Lindsay,

    I'm worried that I'll do exactly that, to the point that googling the book becomes some kind of obsession, and I have to keep waking up in the night to check it again!

    It is funny about poor old Ping-Ling and his ghost in Navada. I found that right back when I came up with the title, just to make sure nobody else had already taken it. I hope he doesn't mind me pinching his name for the book.