Friday, February 26, 2010


I was asked by the publisher to supply some rough maps of the geography for GPL. I've done some rough doodles before, but never really thought about the overall layout and distances and so on.

The experience was daunting, but a lot of fun. I ended up using tech-pens and high-grade tracing paper, having experimented with everything from gouache to acrylic to plain old pencil. The map above is half of the real life A3 version, scanned then fed into MS Word and Paint. It loses a lot of sharpness in the process, so I might need to get it professionally scanned next time. I'm quite happy with how it's come out, though, given that it's a first-draft.

The next job is to do a smaller scale map of the area where GPL happens. I'm hoping to do that one with more of an Asian map feel, something that just wasn't possible with the scale of the above.

The thing I found interesting when I was drawing the map was the number of ideas that kept coming to me for further adventures. I guess once you start visualising the places, the ideas start to flow. It's definitely something I'll have to do a lot more of.


  1. That looks really cool, Peter! Like a pro did it. I would have hired some teenager taking an art class. I don't have the patience to draw mountains. :P

  2. The mountains are easy compared to the trees! I nearly went blind last night drawing them....

  3. Nicely Done. Aside from Tolkien, I always wondered who did maps for fantasy works. The map looks fit to grace the pages of a published work. I'd love to learn more about this process as it goes on. Thanks!

  4. Thanks Jonathan!

    They're not quite ready yet, little bit more work to do. At least now I know the rough placement of everything, that was the hardest bit.

    I assume you mean the process of drawing the maps? I'm happy to keep sharing it as I go along if people would find that interesting.