Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Time is Ticking Away .... Tick Tick Ticking Away....

There's only about 7 hours left in the Jeweller of Rassylon giveaway (see widget on the right hand side of this blog). If you live in Australia and you haven't entered, you best get in fast (as the sales people say: "Hurry! Time is running out!").

I thought I should briefly explain why the giveaway is only for people in Australia. My aim in doing a giveaway is to raise a little bit of awareness of the book, but seeing as at this stage the book is only available in Australia in New Zealand, it seemed sensible to focus on that market only. And yes, I forgot New Zealand. I went to add it afterwards but Goodreads said I would have to restart the giveaway and I didn't want to do that. Apologies to anyone over the Tasman who missed out. I promise next time to include you! 

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