Friday, May 27, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

There's only one bad thing about reading a wonderful book (or series). It's that feeling you get when you finish, and you go to your bookshelf to pick something new to read, but all the books look "blah" because they're not the one you just finished (even though at any other time you'd say they're gems).

I had that experience tonight when I finally finished Sean Williams' Books of the Change. The good news is that he's written a follow up series called Books of the Cataclysm. I happen to have one of them sitting on my shelf, courtesy of the 50% discount at the local soon-to-be-closed Borders. Unfortunately it's book 3. Not the best place to start a trilogy.

I foresee a bookshop visit happening soon, and money changing hands.

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