Friday, July 3, 2009

More Short, Fast, Horrific Stories

Anyone with a good memory will recall that a few weeks ago I entered the Australian Horror Writer's Association Flash and Short Story Competition (I wrote about it here). I wrote a story in about an hour, posted it on OWW, made some changes in response to feedback, discovered the competition, and sent my submission with about twenty minutes remaining before the deadline.

Well, yesterday they announced the results, and this will probably suprise you as much as it shocked me, but .................... I didn't win!!

Not a sausage. Not even the complementary box of out-of-date sultanas they promised the runners up.

Really though, I didn't expect to win, and if I had, I wouldn't have thought very much of the standard of the competition. But the experience was invaluable, and now I'm keen to look out for other competitions that might be in the offing. Writing short stories is a great way to have a break from editing an 80,000 word novel, especially if the story is in a different genre than what I'm used to (like horror, for example). It's also a terrific way of polishing up skills.

I'm not about to give up on the story I submitted. With some work it should be in much better shape to submit to future competitions, maybe even the same one next time it comes round. Watch this space.

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