Friday, June 12, 2009

Stop Critting and Enjoy! (For Goodness Sake)

As much as I love OWW, it's a hard habit to break.

World Shaker is a hoot - it's my first foray into "Steampunk", and I'm engrossed by the setting, the characters, and the plot. I just can't stop critting it! I read it and I think "oh, you should use this word here" or "wouldn't it be better if you'd put this event here" or "the pace seems to be grinding a bit here". Then I have to thump myself hard on the forehead with said book (thankfully, it's not that big) to remind myself I'm supposed to be enjoying, not reviewing.

*Deep Breath*

It's not like there's much to crit. Here's a man who knows how to write. Take this example: "The main blast of Gillabeth's anger had passed, leaving only small gusts of contempt". If I wrote that line, I'd have it framed.

I don't normally go for the Dickensian, florid type language I've read in a few recent YA novels; there's a sense in which the authors are so in love with their own style and world that the story takes a back seat. This book has the balance right - an exciting, involving story coupled with humerous, rich language. Quite a gem!

Thankfully, Richard Harland is 22 years my senior. Plenty of time to catch up (cough).

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