Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yes, I'm Still Alive and Scribbling

It's been over a month since I had the report back from the assessor, and I now have several directories on three separate computers (not to mention a USB stick) filled with drafts, rewrites, attempts and ideas, trying to incorporate the main suggestions she made. Each time I go off in a certain direction I get disillusioned, try something else, then inevitably the process repeats itself and I either backtrack or take yet another path.

(pauses for breath).

So, at the moment I'm seriously considering dropping all these attempts and pitching the book as it is, with just the simpler suggestions addressed. Either that or I seriously fear I'll be at the end of the year and still in the same position. In the meantime, I may well start on a completely different book, the idea for which has been rattling around in my head these last few weeks and growing like a snowball rolling down a hill (hopefully not the type that hit a building at the bottom and explode in a white fluffy shower of nothing).

How do the Stephanie Meyers and the Jo Rowlings of the world manage to just blurt it all out onto the page with such apparent ease? Could it be that they never sent their books off to be professionally assessed?

I can see it now - "sorry Jo, your book has promise but the whole baby on a doorstep thing had been done to death, we suggest a total rewrite..."

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